Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Meet Lydia

So I see that you have stumbled upon my blog, and I can only assume that you must’ve taken a wrong turn at some point during your afternoon walk. After walking past rows of abandoned shop windows, down winding streets and narrow alleyways, you gave up all hope of finding your way home before sunset and allowed yourself to be carried by the crawling branches of ivy. Before you could second guess your decision (you are never this careless), you found yourself surrounded by twisted wisteria trees and prickly overgrown rose bushes, and in their midst you barely made out a crumbling three-story mansion covered with vines. That was how you found me, sitting on the front porch with my nose in a book, a half-eaten scone trailing crumbs down the tablecloth.

You are welcome to stay as long as you like, I told you. There is a train that leaves first thing in the morning, but should you decide to linger a while longer I would be delighted to have the guest room prepared for you. I rarely enjoy the pleasure of company in these remote parts. Will you let your curiosity overtake you, kind stranger? Allow me to show you around the house and surrounding gardens. Would you like something to drink?

My name is Lydia Rose and this is my blog, where I shall endeavour to share my views on lolita fashion and lifestyle, art, history, and beauty. I believe that we are all responsible for creating our own happiness, and for me this means bringing beauty and innocence to every aspect of my everyday life. A cynic might scoff at my frivolous clothing and flowery language, but I am not a cynic, and frankly, I couldn’t care less about anyone else’s opinion of me. For my life is mine alone, and I will not live it in vain.

Growing up, I loved fairy tales: Andrew Lang’s fairy books will always be dear to my heart, and other favourites included A Little Princess, Ella Enchanted, The Goose Girl, The Secret Garden. My parents spoiled me like a princess, too: at one point my doll collection counted fifty dolls of different brands and sizes, and each had her own trousseau and various accessories. These days, I strive to bring a doll-like innocence to my own wardrobe: I revel in the carefree charm of Victorian children’s clothing and I try to emulate it as best as I can. For me, no outfit is complete without a voluminous petticoat and a delicate pair of mary janes. My wardrobe is filled with floral prints, pastels, and ivory tones for warmer months and jewel and earth tones for the winter.

I enjoy playing the piano, writing small poems (which I then forget between the pages of my favourite novels), taking long brooding walks in the countryside, taking dinner with my family, and naturally, reading. In my dreams I take horseback riding lessons and learn embroidery and better penmanship. I suppose I would indeed consider myself a lifestyle lolita, and this blog will serve to document my progress within the fashion and lifestyle.

Now that you have properly made my acquaintance, it is your turn to introduce yourself. I would love to know all about your interests and hobbies. And should you decide to stay for a while, please make yourself comfortable. I’ve just put on a fresh pot of tea. How do you take it?

Faithfully Yours,

Lydia Rose


  1. I'm most delighted to make your acquaintance!

    Growing up I found myself to be truly obsessed with magic-- I fancied myself a witch, and would conjure up vivid daydreams of an alternate realm, where I would meet and talk to fellow witches. We'd go looking for magical creatures, gather ingredients for potions, come up with all manner of spells for making life easier, and always be back in time for bed! I, too, loved A Little Princess, and the idea of remaining whoever you feel you are inside, despite your surroundings and circumstances.
    I had piano lessons growing up, and reached grade 4. I wish I had more time to play the piano but these days it only happens once in a blue moon, even though I do enjoy it.

    I fell in love with lolita in my teens. For years I'd felt a lot of societal pressure to distance myself from overt femininity. Discovering lolita was so wonderful for me because it meant I could finally be myself in a community of like-minded people. Through lolita I've gotten into many hobbies I wouldn't have otherwise, like sewing, crafting, and going for afternoon tea. Another interest of mine is photography. I love photographing lolita friends, flora and fauna, and whatever else I happen to find beauty in.

    I am definitely a lifestyle lolita! Lolita is such a huge part of my day to day life that I don't know how I could consider myself anything else.

    Thank you so much for your hospitality; I take my tea with a dash of milk and no sugar, please!

    1. Welcome, and thank you for christening my blog with its first comment! I do hope you'll enjoy your stay.

      You write so beautifully about your childhood. It actually reminds me a bit of my own: at some point I was so tired of reality that I managed to convince my friends (and myself) that we were witches, each gifted with a different element. I think my childhood years were probably my most magical - and happiest - so I've been trying to summon that special sense of childhood wonder back into my life. I even bought myself a couple spellbooks, and I like to think I'm not bad with tarot cards, too.

      By the way, I've read through your blog and I love your writing style!

    2. It really seems we have a lot in common, and had similarly escapist, imaginative childhoods. I remember being around 10-years-old when I realised that there really were witches out there-- people who practised all manner of rituals and cast spells to help them focus their energy on manifesting their goals. I couldn't have been more thrilled, though I knew my family didn't approve of this kind of spirituality. Despite this, I found my own secret path into it. It's not quite as dramatic as in the films or my childhood flights of fancy of course, but there is still something so beautiful and awe inspiring in lighting some candles, for example, and meditating on a wish, or collecting tumbled gemstones with different colours and healing properties.
      I, too, own many spells and witchcraft books, and very much enjoy tarot reading! I use the Crystal Visions deck currently, which appealed to me due to is soft, romantic, fantasy imagery. Which deck(s) do you use?

      This discussion has very much made me want to write a post about this topic!

      Thank you so much! That truly means a lot to me <3

  2. I remember when I was young, filling up the sink with water and putting easter basket grass in the water to "make a potion" and using the hymn books at church to perform "spells". I also remember turning our bar stools upside down and turning them into "rocket ships". Unfortunately, I'm not very imaginative anymore. Sad how the world tends to crush all that creativity out of us...